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Jones Lang Lasalle Case Study

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Jones Lang LaSalle Lays Foundation for Communications Success with Mitel

Jones Lang Lasalle

New Zealand arm of international real estate giant’s smooth transition from legacy telephony to Mitel’s IP-based unified communications

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is an international commercial real estate business with 50,000 staff in more than 200 corporate offices, operating in 75 countries worldwide. On behalf of its clients in 2013, JLL provided management and real estate outsourcing services for a property portfolio of three billion square feet and completed $99 billion in sales, acquisitions and finance transactions. In New Zealand, JLL has 200 staff with offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

With regards to technology, JLL New Zealand is largely autonomous. There’s a central company policy to buy a limited range of PCs from a single brand to keep internal support simple, but otherwise technology decisions are largely left to local management.

JLL New Zealand IT Manager Murray Trickett says he knew a phone system upgrade was overdue when his company’s ageing Nortel PBX became a problem.

“Repairs were taking longer, getting support was increasingly difficult, and finding spare parts was harder. Even basic phone system functionality was missing – we had no way of knowing who called when someone missed picking up a phone. It wasn’t possible to set up hunt groups, so if the receptionist went to lunch, the phone couldn’t be switched to another line and, although we had voicemail, it was very basic.”

“To be honest our old system couldn’t do anything much except make and receive calls. It was a dinosaur.” A good illustration of the company’s difficulties was the switch to daylight saving. “We couldn’t update the system time ourselves. Instead, staff had to live with being an hour or so ahead or behind while we waited for an engineer to visit and make the changes,” said Trickett. JLL New Zealand evaluated the two most practical telephony upgrade options. “All the evidence pointed at Mitel. It turned out to be a good decision; Mitel’s approach delivers more features that directly benefit the way we work,” said Trickett.

A smooth upgrade

The Mitel Unified Communications (UC) solution is based on a Mitel HQ Server running at JLL’s Auckland headquarters along with SG-90, SG-90BRIV and SG-E1k Voice Switches connecting users in its Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington offices. JLL New Zealand’s 200 staff are using IP230 handsets and Mitel Communicator with Personal Access licences for full UC functionality from the desktop. A Mitel SA100 conferencing bridge is providing secure audio conferencing across all three offices.

Effective pre-planning was the key to a smooth cutover to the new system, explained Trickett. “In the event, the big Auckland switch over went very smoothly – we turned the phones off at four o’clock on Friday afternoon and had everything up and running well before Sunday evening. Wellington was even easier. We did that switch overnight in the middle of the week.”


Murray Trickett, IT Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

Flexibility and growth

JLL New Zealand’s new Mitel UC solution was quickly adopted by staff, especially the Communicator client. Overall, Mitel has provided JLL New Zealand with greater flexibility and more effective communications. “The favourite feature in the Mitel system is the ability to forward calls from the landline to a mobile.

Some of our people now do that most of the time.There’s an appreciation of the increased flexibility and we’ve noticed everyone uses Mitel’s Communicator desktop application,” said Trickett.

The modular nature of the Mitel solution is also supporting JLL New Zealand’s growth. With the company growing at a steady rate since implementation, it is a simple process to upgrade capacity in the system. “We’ve already had to put in a bigger switch in our Christchurch office, which was as easy as adding an extra appliance,” said Trickett.

Future plans

JLL New Zealand is currently using the carrier-provided public switched telephone network (PSTN) between offices. In the longer term, once JLL has improved quality of service, Trickett plans to convert all voice traffic onto its wide area network, which will generate significant toll cost savings.


  • An ageing telephony environment was creating a maintenance and support headache for Jones Lang LaSalle New Zealand with the system’s limited features hampering business growth and the company’s ability to communicate effectively.


  • A Mitel IP-based unified communications and conferencing solution was deployed for 140 users across head office and two branch offices.


  • Mitel’s feature set benefitting JLL’s work practices
  • Smooth and simple upgrade to new system, with rapid user adoption
  • Mitel’s modular architecture flexible to adapt to business growth
  • Ease of collaboration with widespread use of desktop UC client

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