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ShoreTel delivers integrated applications fulfilling the power of converged communications

VoIP delivers communication-enabled business processes that let businesses better serve their customers
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SUNNYVALE, CA, August 28, 2006 - ShoreTel, Inc., the fastest growing IP PBX company worldwide and the leader in customer satisfaction, today announced a new wave of applications that integrate phone capabilities into workflow and facilitate the work process.

Using ShoreTel's rich and open system interfaces and development tools, ShoreTel is rolling out applications that move beyond communications and solve business problems. Initial products address sales force automation and supplemental E911 notification.

"We are creating applications that link our customers' core communications capabilities with the information that matters most to them," said Walt Weisner, vice president of global support services. "In addition to applications such as ShoreTel™ Integration and our E911 Call Notification Application, we are providing custom application development through our professional services team."

IP telephony has long been delivering flexible, cost-effective voice services, and these benefits are soon to be enhanced by next-generation applications that create solutions linking customer information and applications with core communications infrastructure.

Supercharging the sales force

The ShoreTel Integration exploits the synergies between the world's fastest-growing IP PBX company and the world's leading provider of Web-based CRM applications. Companies that have deployed ShoreTel IP telephony and can suddenly get a much bigger return on these investments.

ShoreTel Integration is an add-on module that enables the phone system and business application to share data seamlessly. users can field calls more effectively and contact customers directly from their Web browsers by simply clicking on a link.

IronPort Systems, the leading email and Web security products provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000, is using the integrated ShoreTel application for the company's inside sales reps. The application allows them to pull up a lead or a contact and click to dial, then fill out a note or a task once the call is completed.

"The inside sales reps were having a hard time finding a groove for their calls," said Andy Halvorsen, manager, corporate IT at IronPort Systems. "Now, with the integrated ShoreTel application they can literally all day without interruption. It has increased the amount of calls they make, and, consequently, the amount of sales meetings they land."

Enhancing E911 response

The new E911 Notification Application provides a critical and even life-saving capability to companies with a ShoreTel phone system. The application supplements the native E911 support in the ShoreTel platform, helping companies to coordinate their internal response to emergencies.

The basic E911 feature provides caller ID information to the local Public Safety Answering Point so that emergency personnel are dispatched to the right location within the company. However, on-site administrators and security staff can often reach the location of an emergency more quickly than the public emergency personnel, especially if they can coordinate their response.

The E911 Notification Application consists of server and client components. The server component continuously monitors all system trunks for outbound 911 calls. When one is detected, the server can respond in a number of ways, depending on its configuration:

  • Select users equipped with the E911 client application are notified via a screen pop and audible alarm
  • Notification calls are automatically placed to designated internal and external parties
  • A call log records all the E911-related events, including the calling party's name and extension and the time of connection and disconnection

A built-in messaging system enables users with the E911 client software to communicate with one another in real time. These users can broadcast text messages directly from their client windows, and thus have another channel for instantaneous communication during emergency situations. Organizations with a particular need for such enhanced E911 response include retirement communities and nursing homes, correctional institutions, schools and universities, and other large campuses.

The unmatched reliability of the ShoreTel platform ensures the availability of mission-critical or life-critical applications such as Integration and E911 Notification. And ShoreTel's robust call management and ease-of-use break down barriers and make technology more accessible. People can connect more quickly and collaborate more efficiently, resulting in big productivity gains.

Pricing and availability

ShoreTel Salesforce Integration and E911 Notification Application are available now. The ShoreTel Integration list price is $100 per client seat. E911 Notification list price is $2000 for up to five clients and $5000 for six or more clients. Implementation Support is included in the price for both.

About ShoreTel Developers Network

ShoreTel Developers Network is an online community that provides software developers and system integrators with the resources they need to build advanced applications that integrate business processes and telephony. ShoreTel DevNet is a one-stop resource shop that includes a library of programming interfaces and development tools and a discussion forum for developer interactions. It also showcases the best application and integration examples from DevNet members and ShoreTel partners. These resources are backed up by support from the DevNet Help Desk.

About ShoreTel, Inc.

ShoreTel is the fastest growing IP PBX company worldwide and the leader in customer satisfaction. The company has shipped its groundbreaking solutions since 1998 and continues to outpace the rapidly expanding VoIP market with technological advances and sales that are doubling year over year. ShoreTel voice systems are designed to make businesses smarter, setting new standards for usability and manageability while reducing telecommunications costs. A uniquely distributed architecture extends enterprise-class voice services to every office and outpost, keeping employees fully connected wherever they go. A select, worldwide group of channel partners provide top-notch service and support. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE

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